Bee Lafaek

Bee Lafaek (“Crocodile Water”) is building community resilience and social stability through economic development and the improvement of community health and education in Timor Leste. To achieve this, Bee Lafaek sells potable water to customers through a social business model that develops new skills and creates employment and business ownership opportunities for Timorese youth.

Bee Lafaek bottled water is sold to private customers by young entrepreneurs who are recruited, trained and supported to own and operate their own Bee Lafaek kiosk (water business) under a license agreement. Bee Lafaek bottled water is uniquely positioned in the market because it is of verifiable quality and produced locally by young entrepreneurs.

Bee Lafaek uses an innovative ‘Point of Entry’ water treatment system suitable for decentralised, potable water supply. Installation, monitoring and maintenance of the Bee Lafaek infrastructure is undertaken by the Bee Lafaek technical team – young technicians who are trained and employed in plumbing, steel fabrication and electrical work. The system is designed for very minimal maintenance and has no consumables.

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